Sometimes I Hate Religion

Religion. It sounds good. But religion had made many conflict in many countries. Like in my country, religion made conflicts between them. For some, religion is everything for them, so they could kill other in the nnme of religion.

Some people misused religion for their interest. Some politician use religion to get votes in pbulic election. But after they have been elected, they forget people.

Sometimes I hate religion.


2 Responses

  1. Hi. I beg to differ. I think you hate people not the religion. People are often the ones who will distort and take advantage of their situations and to be self-centred. If you’re talking about Islam in Malaysia/ Indonesia or Catholicism in Philippines, I do agree that some people uses the name of the religion to gain power and success. But then again, you see, it’s still the people who is at fault not the religion. May I know what’s your religion? =)

  2. It is an way to reach to God, It is way to get life, It is a way to get Joy,It is way to get Love, It is way to getpeace, It is way to get blessing of god.

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