Information from KONTRAS: Front of Islamic Defenders (FPI) Attack AKKBB

Dear friends,

herewith the updated information for the attack incident for AKKBB
last sunday.
please support us to urge our government for take an action.



Call for Action

Government of Indonesia to arrest the violent attacker of Aliansi
Kebangsaan untuk Kebebasan Beragama dan Berkeyakinan (AKKBB)


Approximately 75 wounded AKKBB victims of violent attacked by Komando
Laskar Islam that consists of several elements including Forum Pembela
Islam (FPI), Laskar Mujahidin, Brigade Hizbullah, sent to the
hospital, and among them, 1 had to have an operation, 2 had to stay
overnight at hospital for further examination.

AKKBB run a peace parade for commemorating the born of Pancasila in
June 1, 2008. The parade was already set up weeks before and had been
advertised in several national magazines and newspaper calling people
to join. The parade was prepared with some oration from religious and
national leaders starting at 1 pm in Monas (National Monument of
Indonesia), Central Jakarta. AKKBB has informed police weeks before to
hold this peace parade from Monas to Bunderan Hotel Indonesia (Hotel
Indonesia Roundabout).

The starting point for the parade was in the gate of Monas, behind
Gambir Railway Station. From there, due to crowdedness of the place by
PDIP supporters who just recently dismissed from their morning parade,
AKKBB decided to move away and entered into Monas Park. Inside Monas
Park, some of members of AKKBB has taken a place for meeting, which is
in the steps of the monument. Approximately 50 people started to walk
from the gate to the meeting point to join the others who have already
been there. To avoid any unwanted people to join, AKKBB has identified
themselves with small red-white ribbon pin to all the members of
parade. AKKBB also fenced the march by long ropes on each side. The
small march from gate to inside (which is only 100 m), there was no
police guarded us along that way.

The march already reached the meeting point in the steps of monument,
it was suddenly the march of KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM was almost reaching
the same point, approximately 20 meters away. Observing that they took
wider way, the AKKBB instructed its members to move to give them a way
for marching. However, suddenly there was a shouting from KOMANDO
LASKAR ISLAM “Allahu Akbar” many times, and they started to run
towards AKKBB who have been stand peacefully on their right side. The
KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM members run and attacked AKKBB by swinging
sharpened bamboos, wooden sticks, and steel sticks against the AKKBB
members. They started to hit members of AKKBB many times, even though
the victims have already been falling down.

After first layers, the second and last layers of KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM
masses came in wearing black-shirt with ninja mask, and they even
swinging samurai, wooden stick and spread out sands to the eyes of
AKKBB members. The sands incites heat on the skin. The AKKBB members
run away from this angry and violent people to any safe place.

One of member of AKKBB run back to gate to report to the police who
were already scattered for having lunch in the nearest post after
half-day guarded another big parade. The report was responded quickly
by the field commandant that instructed the police to gather and run
inside the park. It took about 10 minutes after the first incident for
the police to come in.

The police car came in, but KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM masses also run
toward the car and kicked the car until the police run away. Some of
AKKBB members tried to ask other police to do something, but they were
gone. Some of them was approached by KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM by saying
“Go away, I know you are Ahmadiyya, go away, and you are dead”, “you
are Ahmadiyya, you Christian, Kafir”. Several brimob with motorcycle
came in and localized the KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM masses. However, the
KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM were still able to destroy the sound-system car,
and the sound-system inside by burning it, in front of the eyes of
police. Meanwhile, some of victims have already been taken away by
ambulances and some others by their relatives to nearest hospitals.
The witnesses also said the attackers were trying to prevent the
ambulance to take away the victims.

There were 3 layers of police came in (around 50 police officers)
marched to the location and localized the area. However there were
none of the attackers arrested. Some of police officers (both informed
by phone or in the field) even blamed AKKBB to incite the tension by
keeping the agenda for peace parade and neglecting police warning on
the possibility of HTI masses.

The AKKBB then agreed to just dismiss and gather in Galeri Nasional,
opposite Gambir to hold a press conference. It took around 45 minutes
to finally most of the members of AKKBB gathered. Some of survived hit
victims stayed to testify.

In 3 pm, the coordinator of AKKBB instructed the members to dismiss
individually to avoid any violent attacks by KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM who
were still eager to attack AKKBB as informed by local police
intelligence. Four hit victims and 1 victim thrown by sand advocated
by LBH Jakarta reported the incident to Polda Metro Jaya (Jakarta
Police Department). While some others started to identify the victims
that sent to hospital.

The four victims reported the chronology to the police, and were sent
for visum in the Hospital of Jakarta. The whole process took about 2,5
hours and the victims agreed to give detail testimony tomorrow
(Monday, 2 June 2008 at 2 pm) after they were recovered from the
dizziness due to harsh hitting in their heads. In the meantime, LBH
Jakarta and AKKBB agreed to gather more information on the other
victims by collecting their identity card and the medical statement
about their condition when they were taken care by doctor or emergency
room in the hospital. The ID card and medical statement would be used
for police to get their visum and testimony later.

At 4 pm, eight motorcycle of KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM stopped in front of
Galeri Nasional and monitoring the situation. However, there were only
few numbers of AKKBB people inside.

How the police treat the incident?

AKKBB informed the police one week before the event about the planning
of the parade. The information stated that AKKBB will hold a peace
parade to commemorate the reborn of Pancasila, and will take place in
Monas Park by having a stage. However, based on the suggestion from
the police and because of the crowds of PDIP masses, police suggested
to hold the stage for only 1 hour and started to walk to HI
Roundabout. The suggestion was accepted.

Although the police admitted that today (June 1, 2008) is the day for
everybody and has informed several elements would also in the same
place doing others things involving big mass, however, they actually
prevent AKKBB to implement the planning. They called several of AKKBB
members to prevent the agenda, but AKKBB already advertised the peace
parade and believed that police would do the best to protect the
parade. However, the police have heard that there had been big
provocation in the mosques to join the parade. On the D-day, KOMANDO
LASKAR ISLAM consolidated their strategy in Istiqal Mosque in Jakarta.

When the attack happened, police officers were unseen. After quick
reports from AKKBB member, the police marched inside and localized the
riots area without anybody to arrest. Some of police blamed AKKBB that
keeping the agenda going, and incited violence.

The absence of police in the field when AKKBB walk inside and even
moreover they allowed AKKBB to walk inside the Monas Park although
they knew already KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM was inside, showed that they
did not do the right thing. When the attack was running, Eva Sundari
(legislative member from PDIP) called Kabag Intel Saleh (Head of
Intelligence Department of Police) asking for help. Kabag Intel Saleh
said that they did not have enough police officers in the field to
face 30 thousands KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM, and asked AKKBB to avoid
KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM instead. This information was sent by sms by Eva
to Anick (coordinator of AKKBB).

After that message, AKKBB dismissed and move the gathering into Galeri
Nasional. There was no police guarded any member of AKKBB, and AKKBB
also did not report the changing the place due to uncertain safety
procedure as well from the police. After press conference, AKKBB with
the 5 victims and LBH Jakarta reported the incident to Polda Metro Jaya.

Public Concern

From the mass media, most of public voices supported AKKBB and condemn
the attacks of Komando Laskar Islam.

* President of Indonesia stated that he regrets the attack and
urged the police to enforce law against the attackers.
* The Vice President of Indonesia stated that pluralism cannot be
changed and urged the police to enforce law.
* Some religious leaders and political party leaders stated the
same comments such as Head of Muhammadiyah Din Syamsuddin, Head of PKB
(Nation Enlightenment Party) Abdurrahman Wahid, Head of Advisory Board
of PDIP Taufiq Kiemas, Head of Legislative Member from PKB,A Effendy
Choirie, and Head of Democrat Party Anas Urbaningrum.

Call for Action

We would like to call international community:

1. To condemn the violent attack of non-state actors against
peaceful group of people
2. To urge the Police of Republic of Indonesia to protect the
victims and the vulnerable by providing more officers in the field,
rather than blaming the victims of failing from avoiding the incidents.
3. To urge the Police of Republic of Indonesia to arrest the actor
or leaders of KOMANDO LASKAR ISLAM who led the attack against AKKBB.
4. To urge Government of Indonesia to bring all the element of
Komando Laskar Islam to court due to their violent principles that
will disturb public order, public moral, democratic values, and
religious values.

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The Chronology of Peace Parade for the Reborn of Pancasila

“One Indonesia for All”

Conducted by Aliansi Kebangsaan untuk Kebebasan Beragama dan
Berkeyakinan (AKKBB)
National Monument (MONAS), 1 June 2008

12.45 pm

AKKBB mass started to gather in the meeting point behind Gambir
Railway Station & near gate of National Monument, mixing with big mass
of PDIP parade who were just finished. There were 3-4 police officers
manage the traffic.

12.55 pm

Several AKKBB mass started to come and walked inside the National
Monument Park, and gathered in the meeting point near to the steps
toward National Monument.

1.10 pm

AKKBB mass from the gate walked inside to the Park to join the other
mass who have been settled, and also to avoid any uncoordinated
movement due to big crowds of PDIP masses. There was one un-uniformed
police officer gathered with us, and 2 uniformed police stand a bit
far from the location .

1.20 pm

Five-hundreds FPI-HTI masses walked circling the Monas, and appeared
from the north (from the left-handed AKKBB).

1.25 pm

FPI – HTI masses walked toward AKKBB mass who have been move away to
give them a way for marching, and even some of us sitting on the
steps. However, suddenly, FPI-HTI masses attacked violently by
shouting “Allahu Akbar”, “You are Ahmadiyya”. There was no police
officer seen in the field. FPI – HTI has prepared the attack by having
several layers. The last layers wore black shirts with ninja-mask and
they swung samurai, sharpened wooden stick, and spread out sands to
the eyes of the AKKBB masses. The first layers attacked the AKKBB by
swinging their wooden stick, steel stick, and sharpened bamboo.

1.30 pm

The first layer break up, but second layer came in by shouting “Allahu
Akbar”, and shouted the first layer to keep attack the AKKBB masses.
The police car came in, but FPI-HTI masses also run toward the car and
kicked the car until the police run away. Some of AKKBB members tried
to ask police to do something, but they were gone. Some of them was
approached by FPI-HTI by saying “Go away, I know you are Ahmadiyya, go
away, and you are dead”.


All AKKBB masses run away to save their lives. Several brimob with
motorcycle came in and localized the FPI-HTI masses. However, the
FPI-HTI were still able to destroy the sound-system car, and the
sound-system inside by burning it, in front of the eyes of police.

2 pm
AKKBB team was circling Monas to ensure there was none AKKBB members
inside. However, there were several of them stayed inside and mixed
with the other guests of Monas Park until FPI-HTI dismissed.

2.15 pm

FPI-HTI masses started to walk to the Presidential Palace to join the
other HTI group.

2.28 pm

AKKBB held press conference in the parking lot of Galeri National,
opposite Gambir. There was two policemen warned AKKBB to keep the
press conference simple and short before FPI-HTI mass came again.

3 pm

AKKBB mass dismissed individually from Galeri Nasional.

4 pm

Eight motorcycle of FPI stopped in front of Galeri Nasional and
monitoring the situation. However, the were only few numbers of AKKBB
people inside.

4.30 pm

Five victims of violation of FPI, together with LBH Jakarta reported
the incidents to Polda Metro Jaya (Police Department of Jakarta).

Victims of FPI Attacks (will be updated)

1. Imdadun Rahmat : bodily bruise, rupture head.
2. M. Guntur Romli : bodily bruise, heavily broken nose & eyebrow gash
à having surgery to fix the nose.

3. KH Maman Imanulhaq : bodily bruise, chin gash, breast contusion à
now under neurologist examination.
4. Ahmad Suaedy : back-bone contusion, chin gash
5. Dr. Syafii Anwar : scalp bruise
6. Hamid Taher : concussion, left-hand fracture
7. Sunandar : bodily bruise, eyes wounded by sand
8. Joanes : scalp contusion with 7 stitch
9. Bernard : scalp contusion with 7 stitch

10. Omink : concussion
11. Doni : abdomen and leg contusion
12. Soundsystem car drive: bodily injuries

13. Yogi : Back-bone and hand bruises
14. Heru : Back-bone bruises
15. Siti Maryam : hitting wounded on the right temple and knee
16. Ela : Waist and knee injuries
17. Ataurrahman : eyebrow gash
18. Sarip : back-bone contusion
19. Yaya : neck bruises
20. Dani H : back-bone bruises
21. Nurbarjah : scalp contusion (hitting)

22. Yanto : nose bleeding because of hitting
23. Jaka : bleeding hand because of hitting
24. Lukman : leg and back-bone bruises
25. Suleman : scalp contusion
26. Said : bodily bruises
27. Kusworo : bodily bruises
28. Sair : bleeding finger
29. Soundsystem Car: destroyed
30. Soundsystem : burned

31. Backdrop 9 x 7 : burned
32. Guitar: destroyed

The Commission for Dissapeared and Victims of Violence (KontraS)
Jl. Borobudur No. 14 Menteng
Jakarta Pusat 10320 Indonesia
phone : 62-21-3926983
fax : 62-21-3926821