An email from Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas leader (dated 26th Jan08)

Dear friends,
First of all I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your encouraging e-mails, they mean to me a lot, this letter for every one of you, individuals, institutions, churches, organizations, agents, publishers, movie makers, Christians, Muslims, Jews and whomever wrote me to support or even for other purposes.

I am very grateful to have you as friends and accept your support with tears and prayers for each one of you. Since Fox News Documentary we received thousands of emails and hundreds of thousands who visited our website, this means to us a lot and show how much people are thirsty to hear the good news and the great work of God.
Yes my friends, God is working where you can’t even expect, where every body else fail, he is totally in control his light shines in the most darkest places, his authority is above any authority and his glory lasts forever.

I can’t describe the feeling of having this huge family that God provided me when I am separated from my family, I am very grateful and appreciated. Nothing is worse than being away from family and home.

This is the time to say it loud to the world, our God is true, we are not ashamed of what we are nothing is more powerful than his love and grace, we are soldiers in his army and our powerful weapon is love, if humanity recognizes the power of love we wouldn’t be paying the high price of greed, revenge, pride and ignorance, when he drawn the map of salvation with his pure blood for us to survive we made fun of him and we still insisting to keep following other maps, we brought our planet and ourselves destruction.

Be strong my beloved friends, you are not following illusion or fables, our God is real and we are real people who are the light of the world.
Be patient my mother, I feel your pain, your tears are uncountable, I think of you and I pray for you and my little brothers and sisters, I pray for my people the sons of Ishmael, will not leave you alone in the dark, me and my brothers and sisters in Christ will shine in your world, we will follow our savior’s steps and destroy the enemy with our powerful weapon, we are armed, qualified and ready for the good fight, the devil established a kingdom of hate and darkness where the Love was born, he is threatened and shacking in front of our God’s glory we are coming and we will never leave you alone…

There will be persecution lets face it with love, without persecution we will not shine, we are not afraid our God is with us for the end of days, every knee will bow for him and we will be blessed to be his chosen ones.

Here I am my friends, have my God and have you as a great family in his body, lets not be divided, lets unify not behind leaders or churches and dominations, let’s be unified behind our only God.

I am not a hero and don’t want to be one, I am a sinner and weak person in this weak body, I have sinned and still have, when my soul will be free of this body of sin? I hope I will not wait too long. Please to forgive my sins, my cross is heavy and I need your prayers to help me carry it all the way to my Golgotha.

Thank you again and feel free to email me any time, I read your emails and they mean to me a lot, I will do my best to respond to you if not your love is bigger than mine and your ocean is much bigger than my little spring.

Love you all
Your brother
Mosab Hassan Yousef “Joseph”

“If you catch hell don’t hold it, if you’re going through hell you don’t stop!” – Ron Kenoly

3 Responses

  1. plz add me dear i really love ur faith and u really touched my heart.. god bless you

  2. hi,mosab.praise the are you young man?recently i saw your wonderful testimony in wonderful testimony touching my heart.god already chosen you for your people to share the gospel of jesus christ.i always pray you and for your protection.i and my family members loves you so much.continue do god ministry.thank you……

  3. Hi Mosab!

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