Discussion: Do you think that religion can create terrorism?

Pormadi has begin a discussion on mylot.com, here is the discussion:

Do you think that religion could create a terrorism? I do not want to say that certain religion. Every single religion have potentiality to create a terrorism. How do you think?


I do not agree with you. no religion can create terrorism. all religions are good both in content and intent. unfortunately some so called custodians of religions misinterpret and misuse religion for their own vested interests. history is full of events where wars have been waged in the name of religion but in reality were wars for land and wealth. empires were expanded in the name of religion but the benefit went to kings and so called custodians of religion.


Religion cannot create terrorism.
Yeah, the media portrays (wrongly) Muslims as terrorists. This is very wrong and should stop.
Sure there are some extremeists but they do not speak for all Muslims.
There are extremists in every religion. I am a christian and let me tell you; there’s a such thing as Christian extremists.
The religion itself doesn’t create terrorists. It’s when the religion is taken completely out of proportion and not interpretted correctly, so no, religion cannot, will not, and should not create terrorism.


Religion by itself doesnt and can’t for the most part but when combined with fanatics and ppl who misinterpret what any given religion tries to teach then yes it can….MIND YOU religion on its own comes very close to being able to create terrorism simply by how certain beliefs/rules etc are worded…Religion can, is and has been for centuries, the BASE of terrorism but the acts themselves fall strictly on the doorstep of man..


Hi pormadi, I don’t believe that any of the major religions of the world teach terrorism, in fact no religion that I know off does so. It is only when fanatics twist what religion is saying to mean something else that we have this problem. Blessings.

I think the problem is not a religion, but the people who do not understand the true teaching of a religion.

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  1. Here is an excerpt from my blog which discusses this very question:

    “Throughout history, many religions have been responsible for the incidence of individuals and societies who, guided by the belief that they are obligated to do ANYTHING in unquestioning obedience (faith) to their god, coupled with the large gaps in authentic divine instruction being filled by fallible human beings, are motivated to perform what rational, unclouded minds in later generations know to be senseless murderous atrocities.

    Such is the case with terrorism in contemporary times.

    Religion, on a whole, is characterized by a surrender of individual thought and reason, over to other human beings, from generation to generation, society to society or individual to individual. Where there are good intentions to disseminate positive values, religion is innocuous and a source of good, however there are the well documented incidences where fallible and evil human beings disseminate doctrines of hate, bigotry and murder. ”

    whole blog: http://thebooreport.wordpress.com/2009/12/27/religious-extremism-and-terrorism/

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