14 Javanese principles

In the middle of increasing demand to give more attention to Yogyakarta andSurakarta’s special status, we also reminded about the 14 Javanese principles: 

1.¬† “Nglurug Tanpa Bala, Menang Tanpa Ngasorake, Sekti Tanpa Aji-Aji, SugihTanpa Bandha”

Meaning: fight without involving other people; win without humiliating orunderestimating others; charm that not base on force / power / money /bloodline; a wealth that not come from material items 

2.¬† “Datan Serik Lamun Ketaman, Datan Susah Lamun Kelangan”¬†

Meaning: don’t give up when bad things occur and don’t be sad when you losesomething 

3.¬† “Sepi ing Pamrih Rame ing Gawe, Banter tan Mbancangi, Dhuwur tan Ngungkuli”¬†¬†

Meaning: work hard whole hearty supported with high spirit; quick but no need tooutpace others; aim high but no need to exceed others 

4.¬† Aja Gumunan, Aja Getunan, Aja Kagetan, Aja Aleman”¬†

Meaning: do not confuse easily; do not regret easily; do not surprise easily;and do not spoil yourself 

5.¬† “Aja Ketungkul Marang Kalungguhan, Kadonyan lan Kemareman”¬†¬†

Meaning: Do not let yourself imprison by the obsession for position / material /other world desire 

6.¬† “Aja Kuminter Mundak Keblinger, Aja Cidra Mundak Cilaka, Sing Was was Tiwas”¬†¬†

Meaning: never think yourself as the smartest one ‚Äď these habit will guided youtowards right direction; do not cheat ‚Äď these will avoid disaster fromhappening; whoever doubt those 2 principles will perish¬†

7.¬† “Aja Milik Barang Kang Melok, Aja Mangro Mundak Kendo”¬†

Meaning: don’t let yourself tempted by luxurious and beautiful things; avoidambiguity in order to maintain good spirit and determination 

8.¬† “Aja Adigang, Adigung, Adiguna”¬†¬†

Meaning: avoid self centered and power oriented mind set¬†9.¬† “Sing Sabar lan Ngalah Dadi kekasih Allah” ¬†¬†Meaning: Be patient and yield in order to become God‚Äôs lover¬†

10.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Sing Prihatin Bakal Memimpin” ¬†¬†

Meaning: whoever willing to live a modest life will become a warrior, a fighterand a leader  

11.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Sing Resik Uripe Bakal Mulya”¬†¬†

Meaning: honesty will lead you to a noble life 

12.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Urip Iku Urup”¬†¬†

Meaning: A good life is a life which can gives positive contribution to theothers 

13.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Sura Dira Jayaningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti”¬†¬†

Meaning: Courage, power and influence can be beaten by peace / prosperousgreetings 

14.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Memayu Hayuning Bawana, Ambrasta dur Hangkara”¬†

Meaning: all living human must fight for their safety, happiness and prosperity.

They must also fight the anger and greed within themselve (milis APIK)