Benedict XVI and Future Hope

Pope  Benedict XVI will visits USA on April 15-20, 2008. Benedict XVI will disembark with a message to strengthen the faith, hope and love of U.S. Catholics, said one of the nation’s bishops.

“He is not just another player in a global game of power politics,” Bishop Wenski continued. “He is not a politician but the Bishop of Rome and the universal pastor of the Catholic Church. This is not to say that he does not have his pulse on the world. […] Benedict XVI will address the U.N. as a religious leader, a moral leader — but a uniquely informed one. And just as he will have something to say to Catholics, he will have something to say to the U.N. and the world”, as Zenit quoted.

“Much of the turbulence in world politics today stems from the detachment of faith from reason and the loss of faith in reason,” the prelate contended. “Like John Paul II before him, he will draw upon his faith to defend reason. In doing so, this Pope who began his career as a professor, will no doubt reintroduce world leaders to the universal moral law.

“This law written on the human heart and therefore knowable to human reason constitutes that ‘grammar’ of dialogue necessary for men and nations to build together a future of hope.”

I hope that pope will be a strong religious leader with strong moral law. He should keep a better dialogue with other religions without lost of the truth of Catholic teachings.  If we try to view world globally, the world really need a strong leader with strong virtues. God bless the pope. (Pormadi/